How to source China tea during lockdown

Tea sourcing is funny but a lot of challenges especially right now the world still has COVID-19 virus, all travel are severely restricted, even already have vaccinated, it’s not 100% safe, for your safety it’s better to stay where you are, besides the plane ticket is crazy expensive, then how to get the tea sourcing job done?

Please note suggestions proposed below might be workable only in China.

3 Options for Tea Sourcing

Not anyone option is perfect, all have advantage and disadvantage, with farmer you can get the freshest tea and background stories but no QC, no shipping service, payment might be problem too and normally each farmer just make one tea, if you offer many teas then you need talk to many farmers, that’s a lot of work.

With tea broker or trading company, you will need to pay the commission or a higher price and might not able to reach the man behind the tea but quality should be reasonable and no big problem with shipping or payment.

How to pick? The advice here is it depends on the scale of your business, if you are small or just in the beginning, then to get 1st hand information is quite important to build your brand and have the real feeling with tea too, so option 1 and option 2 are recommended. What if you are big company or have mature business, then no advice here, they know what to do. But if you are not big company nor beginner, then I will recommend option 2 and option 3, at this time stable supply is important, with tea broker you still can get the information and you might not be able to pay so much time to communicate with each farmer.

Hong China Tea Company can’t fall into any category above, it produce tea, many teas by ourselves but also offer shipping/payment etc, it’s a mix of option 1 and option 2.

So only questions left is where to find that kind of people and how to talk to them.

Exhibition is The Breaker

Exhibitors List is where you can find the tea source, many tea factories, trading companies even medium size farmers attend it. It’s not the perfect option but the best option during this special time. China has all types of tea through whole country even in Tibet and a lot of tea exhibitions available every year, but the most important exhibitions is just 4-5.

The list can comes from this year or the past, actually the past is better. Unfortunately this list is not downloadable for the public from the official website, so you will have to call them and require it. Fortunately all the organizers of the tea fairs have staff speak English.

Here three key items will be listed only, tea fair, website and phone number.

Tea Fair Name Telephone Number
Xiamen Int’ Tea Industry Fair +86-592-5959888
Shenzhen Tea Fair +86-181-2616-5003
Beijing Int’ Tea exhibition +86-132-6978-1410
Shanghai Tea Expo +86-183-2120-1992
Guangzhou Tea Expo +86-20-89231623
Hangzhou Tea Expo +86-4000-820-838

Deeper Source from Local Tea Association

Tea exhibition is kind of like the World Expo, huge and only some of them can join, in contrast the local tea association is similar to rural market, everyone can join, however this list is longer but you can reach the silent producer.

To target them, firstly you need to figure out which region of what tea you are searching, you will need a tea map, you can check another post about Howto Source Tea in China to know where is good tea planted.

Also here we will share our treasures with you one by one.

(Note: Information showed below is free to use without any charge.)

Wuyi Mountain of Nanping city, Fujian Province

Company Name Mobile/Telephone Number Company Name Mobile/Telephone number
武夷山市郑记岩茶厂 0599-5267788 武夷山市青龙岩茶厂 0599-5305194
福建省星愿(武夷山)茶业公司 0599-5201999 武夷山市嘉叶岩茶厂 13205998186
武夷山市岩茶厂 0599-5202676 武夷山凯捷岩茶公司 0599-5313456
武夷山市星村仙界岩茶厂 0599-5275388 武夷山市天心正岩茶业公司 0599-5306488
武夷山市幔亭岩茶研究所 0599-5201968 武夷山市九龙袍茶业公司 0599-5202555
武夷山市慧苑茶厂 0599-5202618 武夷山市夷宝斋商贸发展公司 0599-5113098
武夷山市裕兴茶业公司 0599-5112636 武夷山市雾源茶业公司 0599-5239466
武夷山市示范茶厂 0599-5262513 武夷山市传韵茶叶公司 0599-5265288
武夷山市一品正岩茶精制厂 0599-5301608 武夷山市岩韵生态农业公司 0599-5203011
武夷山市北岩岩茶精制厂 0599-5202968 武夷山市永生岩茶厂 0599-5262619
武夷山大唐茶叶公司 0599-5254990 武夷山市幔亭峰茶业公司 0599-5287379
武夷山市立生名茶中心 0599-5203399 国宏生态科技公司武夷山分公司 0599-5203818
武夷山市白云茶厂 0599-5262781 武夷山市福莲岩茶公司 0599-5112908
武夷山市琪明茶叶科学研究所 0599-5202992 武夷山市森淼鑫岩茶厂 13960640592
武夷山市大自然茶业公司 0599-5202808 武夷山恒杰生态茶业公司 0599-5238988
武夷山市夷发茶叶科学研究所 0599-5119086 武夷山市天明茶厂 0599-5275985
武夷山市三仰峰茶业科技公司 0599-5287336 武夷山市金泉岩茶厂 13950613396
武夷山市昌辉岩茶公司 0599-5285088 武夷山七碗之韵岩茶公司 0599-5235555
武夷山市星村长亨茶厂 0599-5266093 武夷山市名袍茶叶精加工手工坊 0599-5302074
武夷山市天林岩茶实验厂 0599-5201858 武夷山市岩中茗茶业公司 0599-5230368
武夷山市曹墩茶场 0599-5275838 武夷山市世进茶厂 0599-5202813
武夷山市仙茗岩茶厂 13809581730 武夷山市成隆天创茶业发展公司 0599-5315488
武夷山市齐云茶厂 0599-5262486 武夷山市中岩茶业公司 0599-8835418
武夷山市南方岩茶公司 0599-5201199 武夷山市红天下茶业公司 0599-5302212
武夷山市岩福茶厂 0599-5303522 武夷山市瑞泉岩茶厂 0599-5202695
武夷山市皇御茗茶业公司 0599-5202629 武夷山市状元袍茶叶公司 0599-5239139
武夷山市金垅岩茶厂 0599-5102996 武夷山市天邑茶叶公司 13950648897
武夷山市彭祖岩茶厂 0599-8356709 武夷山市黄岗山大安源生态茶厂 0599-5315722
武夷山市坡石岩茶厂 0599-5275085 武夷山市旭潭茶叶科学研究所 0599-5206157
武夷山市崇安岩茶厂 0599-5202053 武夷山盛世茶业公司 0599-5258700
武夷山市胜健岩茶公司 0599-5201938 武夷山市忘忧茶厂 0599-5256885
武夷山市九龙窠岩茶厂 0599-5202588 武夷山市磊石茶叶公司 13860075577
武夷山市大坑口岩茶厂 0599-5202193 武夷山市天心景岩茶厂 13706015566
武夷山市岩上茶叶科学研究所 0599-5202066 武夷山梁品记茶业科技公司 0599-8359888
武夷山市八曲岩茶厂 0599-5262689 武夷山市齐唯茶业公司 0599-5108108
武夷山市黄龙袍茶业公司 0599-5252800 武夷山古茶道茶业公司 0599-5237666
武夷山市仙凡岩茶厂 0599-5252979 武夷山市兔子哥茶厂 0599-5250432
武夷山市天岩茶厂 0599-5201636 武夷山市金沟岭岩茶厂 0599-5261271
武夷山市茶叶总厂 0599-5202404 武夷山市天心永乐禅寺岩茶厂 0599-5160066
武夷山市华飞岩茶厂 13850909338 武夷山市古粤茶厂 0599-5287618
武夷山市武夷农业生态园公司 0599-5300317 武夷山林海原生态茶业公司 0599-5105506
武夷山市北斗岩茶研究所 0599-5252987 节节清(福建)茶业公司 0599-5203633
武夷山市回春岩茶厂 0599-5202318 武夷山市茗兰茶业研究所 0599-5252118
武夷山市德牛茶厂 0599-5262436 中国武夷山范府大院茶业公司 0599-5105105
武夷山市益春茗茶公司 0599-5253159 武夷山天上游茶业公司 0599-5253055
武夷山市玉维正岩茶厂 0599-5252486 武夷山市九亩半茶业公司 0599-5303168
武夷山市岩骨花香名茶中心 0599-5252230 武夷山市瑞芳茶叶发展公司 0599-5275633
武夷山市山水岩茶研究所 13706015533 武夷山映象武夷茶业公司 0599-5256028
武夷山市御茗正岩茶厂 0599-5202539 武夷山瑞岩高山茶叶公司 13960629966
武夷山市清心岩茶坊 0599-5202878 武夷山自然保护区天然正山小种红茶研究所 0599-5272011
武夷山市宛香茶叶研究所 0599-5203339 武夷山市甘氏茶叶公司 0599-5252993
武夷山市清风茶业公司 0599-5202196 武夷山市瑞进茶行 0599-5250436
武夷山市祥岩茶厂 0599-5103005 武夷山隆和茶业公司 0599-5258366
武夷山市绿岩岩茶厂 0599-5265003 西岸(武夷山)茶业公司 0599-5117513
武夷山市天心岩茶园茶厂 0599-5250568 武夷山市裕茗茶业公司 0599-5287388
武夷山市宝珠岩茶厂 13859496885 武夷山市夷峰岩茶厂 0599-5309115
武夷山市活源岩茶厂 13599312606 武夷山市玉柱峰岩茶厂 0599-5250683
武夷山市东升岩茶厂 0599-5199382 武夷山浩韵岩茶公司 0599-5275618
武夷山市绿苑岩茶厂 0599-5207369 武夷山市中远生态茶业公司 0599-5259055
武夷山市名岩茶业公司 0599-5205098 武夷山市千枞茶业公司 0599-5202196
武夷山清神阁茶业公司 0599-5207398 武夷山市丹石岩茶厂 0599-5106183
武夷山市武茗茶业公司 0599-5302869 武夷山市红绣球名茶 0599-5259798
武夷山市武曲岩茶厂 0599-5262683 武夷山市双龙岩茶厂 0599-5198546
武夷山市春城岩茶厂 0599-5275598 武夷山市实验茶厂 0599-5275918
武夷山市盛兴岩茶厂 0599-5287338 武夷山市舶缘岩茶厂 0599-5266566
武夷山市通仙茶业公司 0599-5306006 武夷山市林何茶厂 0599-5251069
武夷山市武夷老农岩茶厂 0599-5256401 武夷山市白龙岗岩茶手工坊 0599-5303811
武夷山市红袍王茶厂 0599-5173766 武夷山市云飞岩茶厂 0599-5250625
武夷山市夷仁岩茶精制厂 0599-5262197 武夷山市丹山岩茶制作中心 13905994852
武夷山市擎天岩茶厂 13509517481 武夷山市留源岩茶厂 0599-5206833
武夷山市岩龙茶厂 0599-5252282 武夷山市虎啸岩茶业公司 13706010568
武夷山市植茗茶叶研究所 0599-5252853 武夷山市天游晒布岩茶厂 13860010806
武夷山市南方嘉木茶业发展中心 0599-5425303 武夷山市玉华岩茶厂 0599-5203966
武夷山市九龙缘茶业公司 13950618111 武夷山市慧茗岩茶厂 0599-5252516
武夷山市奇苑茶业公司 0599-5152999 武夷山市青狮岩茶厂 0599-5202593
武夷山市桐木茶厂 0599-5272136 武夷山市正山小种茶叶公司 0599-5272109

Talk to Them in Chinese Way

In China, most people do not have email but over 99% have mobile phone and 99.9% have an instant messenger app called WeChat, thus the best way to contact is throught WeChat or phone call.

But most of people do not speak English or just have limited English, so long chat on phone is not workable but a lot of people can speak and understand simple english words, so phone call can be the way to get WeChat ID.

In China, WeChat ID = Wei Xin Hao, when you make call, be sure to use Wei Xin Hao instead.

Why do I recommend WeChat so strongly? Not just because most people have it but also there is a feature can help both parties, the translation, WeChat can translate for both parties automatically and I will say the quality is not bad.

Another feature will be big helpful is payment, you can pay to your supplier by WeChat money.

Tea Sourcing Cold Call Book

It’s very important for this opening phone call, but we are in different location, speak different language, have different culture and different accent, so you need a script and practice to avoid embarrassment, here we have a simple yet effective steps to guide you.

  1. Ni Hao = Hello
  2. Wo Yao Mai Cha Ye = I want buy tea
  3. Wei Xin OK? = WeChat Ok?
  4. Wo De Wei Xin Hao Shi ABC12345678 = My WeChat ID is ABC12345678

Here is a trick on WeChat ID, to keep it simple and easy for your supplier’s understanding, it’s better to set this ID as ABC+your phone number.

On the 4th step we choose to let you tell your supplier your WeChat ID instead of the contrast, because most Chinese people have poor speaking but can understand English letter and number.