Small Taste Good

The genesis of all is a special tea travel in 2019, we two men drove a car all around the tea production area, we made some reviews on farmers, one very interesting idea we got is quantity does matter quality.

Nowadays it is impossible to follow the same process as in the past because of the large quantity.

That’s what we heard from a 83 years old tea man and similar saying from other farmers. No pay no get, that’s quite reasonable, especially when dealing with food or tea.

To keep great, we choose to be small and try to get small tea farmers’ tea appreciated by more people.

That’s why we would love to help buyers purchase tea from farmers directly while ourself have a tea mountain and the most beautiful factory.

How we help your buying from farmers more smoothly?

There are a lot of pains as a buyer make purchasing from farmers directly, the 4 biggest troubles needs to be resolved are language, payment, shipment and quality assurance.

Language barrier

If you don’t know their lanuguage you don’t know what they are talking about, if you are not in tea, you don’t know what their tea language is. We got both, we can translate and as we are pressional that we can do it right.

Payment is all about pain

International money collecting normally is out of farmers’ control, PayPal might be an answer but setting up the account then withdraw and exchange to Chinese currency, that’s too complex. And all this lots of work sometimes doesn’t worth if it’s just for small money. We can do all these dirty work and pay farmers local currency on behalf of you.

Shipping nightmare

There is one joke, “our customs is ok to let you in why China can not let it go? in order to protect the developped country? :-)”

It’s a joke but it’s true. International shipping is about lots of paper work and rules and costly if you are not professional.

Here with us, all you need to do is asking farmers send teas to our warehouse in China and waiting for its delivery, we will take care of all the middle stuffs.

Will I get the quality promised?

It’s reasonable to be doubtful, even kids might be tought not trust strangers, some people may heard somebody received a tea which is different from the sample. Don’t worry, we will do the QC job, eliminate the danger in the origin.

More Questions

Here are some quick answers for questions you might have.

  1. Question: What kind of teas can I get from this “Farmers direct buying” service? Answer: Most of China teas including Yunnan Puer, black tea, Oolong, White tea, Green tea and several Yellow teas.

  2. Question: How is the pesticide level of them? Answer: Most of them are conventional that meet FDA/JAPAN and UN requirements, some even can be called Wildly Grown Organic but no certificate available because we small farmers can not afford such certifying cost.

  3. Question: Can I meet the farmer? Answer: Defenitely yes, face to face personal relationship is irreplaceable, we can help you make a China tea purchasing trip and be your companion on the journey.

  4. Question: What minimum quantity should I order? Answer: 1 kilo gram but it’s better to take one carton so to lower down your shipping cost per unit.

  5. Question: How fresh of the tea can I get? Answer: In 3 days after the tea is made it can be sent out, so you can sell the tea as early as possible when traditional way cost you one month or so.

If you have other concern or questions, you can contact Daniel directly and get reply soon.

Hong China Tea Company is your China friend focus on small and real tea.