No-Secret Hidding China Tea Purchasing Tour

Tea adventure

This is a serial post, today is part one, few days later we will have this kind of purchasing tour and publish part two.

As a tea maker, certified tea master and tea lover, the greatest meaning for me is more and more people can get good tea, but the real world is not the same as what we want, you can easily find a lot incorrect information on the web, the tea you buy could be very likely not good, and still possibly you are not aware of all this wrong.

If you ask a common Chinese what type the Wuyi Big Red Robe belong to, there is big chance he/she would say “Black tea”, “because the color of the liquor is red.” Actually it belongs to Oolong tea as it’s half fermented. My classmate was one of them, although he is a super tea drinker, he has several whole tea cupping set, 4 very expensive Purple Clay Teapots, over 2000 US dollars tea in home and drink it almost every day. Last October I went to Wuyi to meet some new and old tea friends, he joined me and 2 other non-tea-drinkers. 4 people together we drove to Guangde town who neighbor to Wuyi, I don’t want to describe how gorgeous of this un-touched forest but there we saw a stone table carved with characters - Origin of Lapang Souchong, we asked our local friend, he said he made it 8 years ago although he knows it’s not the truth. Next day we drove to Tongmu, the true origin of Lapsang Souchong, also there is a stone plaque standing there, we visited local tea farmer and cupped the tea, even with the same tea name, finally, my classmate can easily find the difference between these two neighbors.

untouched forest

His appreciation of tea improved quite a lot, just like any art or literature, one’s appreciation ability has great impact on the quality of life.

Knowledge and experience, that’s the key to have better appreciation ability, no matter for common tea drinker or professional tea buyer. With all country wide tea farmers connections and over 100 years experience of our team, I think maybe we can do something good, we don’t want to hide any farmer or factory from you, so it should feel good to do this.

tea set

We make teas by ourselves, also we buy other teas from different regions, if someone go with us, have a tea purchasing tour, he can buy from every contact we meet or go through us with a commission, we know our value, not just the knowledge, we make sure the quality is right, we take care of the logistics, we can deal with different currencies etc.

So what region of China or tea can we cover? We are in Fujian province, so we know the most about Fuijan teas like Wuyi Da Hong Pao, Jin Jun Mei & Lapsan Souchong black tea, Silver Needle white tea, Tie Guanyin Oolong, Zhangping Shui Xian as well as Phoenix Mountain Dan Cong in Guangdong Province, Puerh & Black tea in Yunnan, West Lake Longjing in Hangzhou, Anji white tea in Zhejiang Province, even Rizhao green tea in the Shandong, all of our resources & connections are opened, come and let’s see what we can do for you and the whole tea world.