Simple roasting guide for Oolong tea

First question is why need roasting? The answer is the direction for howto roast it. Normally there are two circumstances, stale or quality not ideal. Let’s go straight to the point.

Stale tea roasting

I quite like an analogy, that tea is kind of human beeing. If you stay in home and do not do any excise, your body gonna lose the intensity and flabby, that’s the same with tea, the weak defense will be easily broken through especially the unwelcome other smells, so your tea doesn’t smell clean anymore.

What we want is get it back to track, just return to normal. For this kind of not serious ill patient, it does need your patience, you can not give it a hard punch and expect it will wake up instantly, you will get it down, you can not do that.

Instead some encouraging words plus gentle sports like 60-70°C for one hour. Then when its breathing recovered, give it a short time but evil squat jump ex. 80°C for 20 minutes.

Transformation Roasting

That’s the exciting part and something difficult one, roasting can transform a “common” into “surprise”, the key to master this skill is not the recipe, it is the deeper theory and philosophy. Nothing in this world is identical especially for natural gift, chasing the formula is similar to mouse running in the loop, there is no end but exhausting, finally no one love it and no perfect works if there is no love. This is important.

Keep in mind, Why has to stand in front of How.

The philosophy is the world is full of Yin and Yang, Yang is kind of energy while Yin is to hide the energy, the balance of them can make the world peaceful, no matter inside or outside.

Fire is Yang. Water is Yin.

Fire can heat water and become steam, interestingly coversely water can put out a fire. If one win, no matter whom, it will lose something and get sick. And if the water can hold the fire, you will get a comfortable warm water. In winter, it’s better warmer while in summer cooler.

Tea contains Yin and Yang, it comes from the land so mostly it is Yin, we use fire to roast it to change the unbalance. Somwhat 120°C/20m can achieve first phase balance, use your nose, the smell is clean, nihility which means the impurity is clarified.

Think of running, there is a bottleneck, when you get throught that, your breathing will get recoverred. That’s phase one. It’s very important to get there becasue it is the base of hiking, jumping everything you want better.

If you get this and get there, a bigger world is there for you. Don’t ask me how to do it, tell me what you see.