Shoot a good tea picture in 10 minutes


This short manual shows you how to shoot a simple yet clean picture for teas in unprofessional way.


  1. A SLR camera like Canon 500D
  2. A good lens like Canon EF 50mm
  3. A tripod

Pre-shooting preparation

Shooting technique

  1. Turn to M: Manual Mode on cameral
  2. Set ISO: 100
  3. Set diaphragm: f 6.3
  4. Set shutter: 1/5

For more explanations of Diaphragm or Shutter Speed, please refer to How Cameras Work. In short, picture shooting is a light controlling game, both Diaphragm and Shutter can do it in different way.


  1. Using front lighting.
  2. Open raw photo by Photoshop or GIMP and adjust the White so the paper will looks whiter.
  3. The lens is the key for the picture quality, buy a good one.
  4. Your world is the real one, adjust the suggested number accordingly.