Huang Jin Gui - A Fxxking Good Aroma Oolong tea


Huang Jin Gui (aka Jade Oolong) is an incredible tea from Anxi county of Fujian China, it’s the only tea honored by the woman, a woman named Wang Dan who introduced this varietal to the world in 1860.

It’s in Mei Zhuang village, Wang Dan planted this tea around her house after the wedding party, it’s a gift from her mother fulfilled with love and best wishes. After two years of good care, the bushes grew so well, Wang Dan picked some leaves and when the tea making was finished, people were shocked by the incredible aroma and word spread so fast, all teas were bought in such short time. The whole village was very poor, she taught them how to plant, how to make it and all got good income.

One day the brigand attacked them and made them suffered, all dared not to say no but Wang Dan lead them to protest and built a blockhouse which still stand there with the mother bush. So this tea was named in her name to honor her courage leadership and contributions.

What could this tea for?

Because of its high quality, Huang Jin Gui is good choice for single cupping or full leaf pyramid teabag, thanks for the round shape which could save a lot of space too.

But to make most benefit of her excellent aroma, it’s blending, just blend some of this tea with others, your whole cup will be different instantly, besides thus the cost control will be a much easier job.

Romantic story between Taiwan and Anxi

1855 Zhang Fengchi introduced Oolong plants to Taiwan, so a long history of Taiwan Oolong tea began, later in 1896 Brothers Zhang brought Tikuanyin and planted it in Taiwan, these Anxi immigrants not just imported plants, also they imported Cutting Propagation which was invented by Anxi and so important to the whole tea industry.

In 1990s, when the Chinese Economic Reform was on the road, Anxi had the first joint venture with Taiwan and the advanced Taiwan tea machines were imported, on the base of this communication, Anxi invented innovative technology to apply Air-conditioner on tea processing, thus farmers have better chance to make good tea even the weather is not good enough.


Huang Jin Gui tea making tech

Based on the long tea history, as well as the communication with Taiwan modern technology, we are now able to make a not just good but also very stable quality Huang Jin Gui. Below is the simple chart on tea processing:

  1. Tea picking: bud is not the most valuable part here, mature leaf is, there are more healthy elements there and which offers the possibility to get varied taste, so one bud with 3-4 leaves is a perfect picking. Besides picking is forbidden in rainy day.

  2. Withering: the most charming space in factory is the withering room - fulfilled with so nice aroma that like morning of the virgin forest, that’s for indoor withering, but normally the first move after picking is sun withering unless it’s too hot.

  3. Rocking: all rest well leaves wanna a dancing in a round bamboo basket, it’s almost 3m long that can contain over 100 kgs fresh leaves, with the ups and downs of the music, either short, quick or smoothing, all got a wonderful release, this is the most important step for Oolong tea.

  4. Killing & Shaping: in use of a high temperature up to 500°F, the oxidization is stopped, right here you can try to figure out the final quality, normally it tastes better after round shaping and looks more beautiful too.

  5. Drying: the percentage of moisture must less than 7%, or even good storage can’t save it.

Any of these steps can not be seized for a break, from picking to drying, there is no stop, normally a farmer can only have 3-4 hours sleeping, and carry it on day by day until all teas are picked, that’s a very tough one month, also a very good time for slimming.