Our Teas

Black tea

Black tea (aka red tea) who originated from Wuyi China, now becomes the most popular tea in the world. Keemun, Yunnan and Wuyi Shan are the three big brothers before, today more and more black teas are produced even invented like half black.

Golden Buddha・Zheng He Gongfu・Dan Cong black・Wild Fire・Lapsang Souchong・Jin Junmei・Yunnan Golden Tips

Oolong tea

Also named Wulong tea, is renowned for its complex taste & flavor. Fujian, GuangDong and Taiwan output the most. Oolong doesn't use buds only but prefer to bud with 3-4 leaves.

Da Hong Pao・Eight Immortals・Huang Jin Gui・Traditional Tieguanyin・Green Tieguanyin・Duck Shit Dan Cong・Honey Dan Cong・Zhang Ping Shui Xian

White tea

White tea is claimed the most natural tea, long aged one (like 7+ years) can heal sore throat and cold headache. To make this tea you only need withering and drying but it's also the easiest one to have a bad finish.

Organic White Plum・Silver Needle・Bai Mu Dan・White Bird・Golden Peony

Green tea

As a non fermented tea, it can be made by steaming, baking, roasting or sun, widely produced while widely consumed, even Taiwan used to have a famous San Xia Dragon Well.

Guizhou Green・Jing Lan Xiang・White Hairy Monkey・Anji Bai Cha・Huang Shan Mao Feng・Jing Ning Bai Cha

Organic tea

EU or USDA certified organic teas, big trend of the future.

Organic Jasmine tea・Organic White Plum・Organic Bai Mu Dan・Organic Matcha

EU standard tea

Green Tieguanyin・Iron Buddha・Silver Needle・Bai Mu Dan・Wild Fire black