About Us

“Daniel has been my supplier for Fujian teas since 2012 and more recently my advisor and friend. Perhaps the easiest way of explaining why I trust him is that the two teas of his which I entered for the UK Great Taste Awards this year both won Triple Gold .”

- Mr. Cris Martindale, Owner of Caffi Cristobal, UK

“Tea Fishman is a small Israeli tea importer and we are happy to cooperate with Hong China Tea Company. The care and the respect, we have gotten from this company, is highly appreciated. We recommend this company for all it may concern. ”

- Mr. Yakov Fishman, General Manager of Tea Fishman, Israel

Hong China Tea Company was established in 2012. We are located in the city of Xiamen, one of the most important tea hubs in China. We wholesale mostly high quality loose leaf teas to the world.

Beside our CEO Mr. Hong and special assistant Mr. Kristensen the company also consists of:

  • Mr. Shuangjiang Tang, Tea Master and Buyer. Mr. Tang was born the son of a tea farmer and has been working with tea since his early childhood. His father taught him everything there is to know about tea and he was later sent to tea college for further education. Mr. Tang has invaluable experience from his work in tea plantations with processing and cupping as a specialty. Mr. Tang is responsible for our oolong and black tea products.

  • Mr. Wanzhu Wang, Oolong Master and Buyer. Mr. Wang is a tea farmer living in the Anxi County. Mr. Wang served as a teacher for Mr. Hong but was earlier working for more than 10 years as a factory manager in a tea company. After his retirement Mr. Wang could not let his passion for tea go and decided to join the company. He is responsible for the purchasing of Anxi oolong tea products and also serves as a training manager within the company.

With these experts in the company we are sure you will feel and taste the difference. We simply say: With Passion to Perfection!

Our Values

We have in our assortment a broad selection of superior Chinese tea products and the quality is guaranteed by:

A highly experienced team

We have the necessary insight and knowledge to judge when a product has a superb quality. We have been working with tea for many years and know the importance of supervision in the whole chain from plantation to finished product. We also know the importance of correct packaging to keep the flavor and to protect the finished product against contamination.

"Guanxi:" personal relationships

In China, personal relationships mean everything and often have more value than a paper contract. We know our suppliers like our family members. These farmers consider us as an invaluable counterpart in their business, as we give a fair price for their products and encourage them to become a part of our success. Some of our suppliers have deep connections with our team, ties of lineage and soil over many generations. For us, superior quality and personal integrity is the foundation of our livelihood.

Cupping, cupping, and again cupping

We never sell any products without having tasted them ourselves! And we also know the importance of using the correct packaging materials to keep the tea ”healthy” and protected against contamination until it arrives at our customer’s doorstep - often thousand of miles and many time zones away from China.

Awards and testimonials

Our products continue to receive outstanding reviews and feedback from our customers and this is actually the best advertising we could wish for. We believe that superior quality combined with extensive knowledge and customer service is what our customers want, and we would like you to become a part of our success as well.

Business Ethics

Tea is our passion. This passion includes the will to take care of Earth's natural resources through planned growth with the environment in mind.

We also value the human resources that contribute to producing our teas. As the farmers are our friends we know the importance of making a decent living from their efforts. The wellbeing of the farmers really matters. Without their participation we would not have any products to sell and we would rather reduce our income than cutting their profit. Fair trade is in the interest of both parties!

To protect the environment and sustain a healthy relationship with farmers, we are working toward reduced use of pesticides, and in fact, many of teas are already produced organically. Our tea experts work with farmers to teach the best ways to grow the plants with absolute minimal use of environmental friendly pesticides that will protect the plants but give no harm to other parts of nature. We would also like our children to grow up in a healthy environment, and tea production is possible without large and excessive use of pesticides. It is all about technique and knowledge, and with fair trade there is no need to boost the production volume through excessive and unnecessary use of pesticides. The farmers know in advance that we will pay a good price for the finished product and by that secure them a fair income.

After hand picking the tea, correct processing and packaging with recyclable materials we are ready to offer you a 100% natural cup of superior high end Chinese tea.