China Tea Tour

Tea tours: the best way to experience our authentic tea culture

"I had a fabulous experience in Fujian Province with my Tea Tour arranged by World Tea Tours and guided in Xiamen by Daniel Hong. We visited Anxi County and were received warmly by local tea producers. I don't think we could ever hope to have such unique and valuable tea experiences as we had with Daniel guiding us. "

- Roberta Fuhr, Owner of Experience Tea Studio - Washington, USA

Hong China Tea Company is delighted to offer on-the-ground tours of Fujian tea-making. These experiences give you an insight into tea unlike any other, and we pride ourselves on satisfying your thirst for tea and tea culture with first-hand knowledge. Visits are customized to your interests and schedule, and guidance is offered by Mr. Hong himself.

Our China tea tours are about experiencing the great Chinese tea culture and making new friends. We are proud of our tea culture, an integrated part of Chinese life dating back thousands of years.