Black Tea


Black Tea Cupping

#5251 Zhengshan Xiaozhong, smoke scented

Zhengshan Xiaozhong (also written Lapsang Souchong) is that hearty, exciting black tea produced in the Wuyi Mountain area. Traditionally produced in the yan xun (“smoke scented”) way, ours is smoked between 5 and 12 hours in bamboo baskets over real pinewood fires, rather than pine oils, as in some factories. This delightful tea has a balance of rich black tea and assertive smoky aromas and flavors.


#5253 Zhengshan Xiaozhong, unsmoked

Zhengshan Xiaozhong is usually subjected to pine smoking, but we were able to find a small-scale farmer willing to let the true character of the leaf come through. If ever there were an artisanal tea, this is it. Our producer gathers his tea from his carefully maintained gardens in Tongmu village, within the protected area of the Wuyi Mountain reserve. He uses no pesticides or herbicides on his land, and tends the plants manually. The leaves are processed by hand, not machine, from the plucking to the withering, to the rolling, and the drying. All is done according to family tradition and without modern shortcuts.

This is a very special tea, not only for its painstaking cultivation, but also for its stunning flavor. It is a soft and thoroughly enjoyable tea, with a subtle, natural lychee note.


Hammer Tea

#5200 Hammer tea

We’ve not cupped another like this one, and we are just delighted to be able to offer it to a world of tea connoisseurs. This is a remarkable new tea produced from wild tea trees growing in the Wuyi Mountain protected area. (Naturally, no pesticides or herbicides are used on these trees.) It is made in small quantities in the “rock tea” style, with a black tea outcome. It is an unusual tea, and we encourage you to give it a try.

How to describe it? It is a tea of many faces, giving more than 8 infusions. Mellow, intriguing, never the same twice. One of our cuppers said, “it has a lot of energy inside.” We hope you love it as much as we do!

#5187 Yunnan breakfast (EU standard)

Yunnan Hello! Yes spring like clean sweetness, a good morning to your whole day.