China Tea Tour

Tea tours: the best way to experience our authentic tea culture

China tea tourHong China Tea Company is delighted to offer on-the-ground tours of Fujian tea-making. These experiences give you an insight into tea unlike any other, and we pride ourselves on satisfying your thirst for tea and tea culture with first-hand knowledge. Visits are customized to your interests and schedule, and guidance is offered by Mr. Hong himself.

Just imagine this: We start our tour at 7 AM and head out to the verdant, rolling tea gardens of Fujian. Equipped with a bamboo basket and soaking in the sunshine from above, we will start to pick fresh tea leaves. Local people with decades of experience will show us how to pluck the finest buds and select other grades of tea with one or two tender leaves along with the precious bud. When the basket is full, we will have a chance to process the tea under the supervision of a real tea expert, a Tea Master.  We will learn how to wither the tea to the correct level of moisture, how to roll it properly, and how to coax the richest and most characteristic flavors from the leaves. We can taste tea with them, and learn from them how different processing techniques and harvest conditions influence the tea's aroma, color, and flavor. This is such a memorable experience, and a great way to learn about how tea is made. On our tour, you can stay with a real Chinese tea farmer, see how tea villagers live, and most of all share your favorite tea stories with them. Along the way, we will share some excellent local food and give you a chance to experience a unique way of life.

Our tours are about experiencing the great Chinese tea culture and making new friends. We are proud of our tea culture, an integrated part of Chinese life dating back thousands of years.

We can guarantee you an unforgettable positive experience if you take one of our tea tours. We will do whatever it takes to make you happy and show the very best of what our culture has to offer. Because we strive for the best, we are a proud partner of the World Tea Tours organization. Your satisfaction is our success.

We are proud of the many positive comments our guests have shared with us. Recent visitors have come from the United States, France, Canada, Australia, and other countries. 

"I had a fabulous experience in Fujian Province with my Tea Tour arranged by World Tea Tours and guided in Xiamen by Daniel Hong.  We visited Anxi County and were received warmly by local tea producers--showing us how the famous Tie Guan Yin is processed from start to finish.  I truely have never experienced such incredible aromas as were introduced to us in a withering room for this famous tea.  I don't think we could ever hope to have such unique and valuable tea experiences as we had with Daniel guiding us.  I tell people that our tour included perfect days of eating, drinking tea, eating, drinking tea, eating, drinking tea and making many wonderful new tea friends.  Thank you Daniel--I will always value this wonderful trip and your friendship."

 - Roberta Fuhr, Owner of Experience Tea Studio - Issaquah, Washington, USA