Harvest Time in Anxi

What is our secret and the background for our success? – a statement from the CEO and founder Mr. Daniel Hong:

“We don’t believe in expensive marketing campaigns or fancy leaflets  combined with no - or limited service available - once the order is paid... ”

At the end of the day, it is the quality of our products and the service we give to our customers that makes them place an order – and most important of all – stay with us. We do not want to become another  supplier  for our customers  - we want to become their trusted partner. Our customers are the best ambassadors for the Hong China Tea Company and the values we stand for. Without them we would not have the company.

I am proud to say that we get wonderful feedback from our customers around the world. They love our products and the passion we use in our work.  This confirms  me in the values  from our motto:  - With Passion to Perfection.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to connect you to one of our distributors or even start up a business with you. Kindly remember to include your full contact details. Below you can read what our customers say:

“Tea has been a life long passion for me and a fulltime business for the last ten years. I met Daniel Hong by accident when he worked for another company and was very pleased when he set up independently. Since then he has been my supplier for Fujian teas and more recently my advisor and friend. Perhaps the easiest way of explaining why I trust him is that the two teas of his which I entered for the UK Great Taste Awards  this year both won Triple Gold (there was only one 3 gold for the whole UK last year.) Whilst keeping our separate businesses Daniel, Vivak Lochan in Darjeeling and me work as partners.”

- Mr. Cris Martindale, Owner of Caffi Cristobal, UK

“Tea Fishman is a small Israeli tea importer and we are happy to cooperate with Hong China Tea Company. The care and the respect, we have gotten from this company, is highly appreciated. Every request of our state bureaucracy was settled within a reasonable time only due to Hong China Tea good work and to Mr. Daniel Hong personally. We recommend this company for all it may concern. ”

- Mr. Yakov Fishman, General Manager of Tea Fishman, Israel

Tea: Hong China Tea Company - Green Tiger tea

Dry Appearance: Rolled leaves with shining pearls in a shape that looks like an apostrophe. Though they are of a quite large size, they are not quite tight. The color spans from emerald green to dark green, which gives them a dry bicolor look.

Infusion: Bright green color and uniform. Well defined white floral scent. All leaves are large and complete.

Liquor: Yellow color or limpid with a velvety texture. There is no harshness or bitterness. An aromatic complex bouquet dominated by white flowers and a touch of “seafood”, a bit of vanilla ...but with a large balance between both aromatic notes and everything mixed with a delicately touch. The taste lasts for a long time and is held in the mouth. A large balance of sweet flowers leads to a tasteful tea with a great finesse. A very fine tea.

- Mrs. Brigitte Horrenberger, Tea Professional, Bordeaux, France – www.dansmatasse.fr