Our Values

The dawn-hongchinatea.com

We have in our assortment a broad selection of superior Chinese tea products and the quality is guaranteed by:

A highly experienced team.
We have the necessary insight and knowledge to judge when a product has a superb quality. We have been working with tea for many years and know the importance of supervision in the whole chain from plantation to finished product. We also know the importance of correct packaging to keep the flavor and to protect the finished product against contamination. You can learn more about our team members by clicking here.

"Guanxi:" personal relationships.
In China, personal relationships mean everything and often have more value than a paper contract. We know our suppliers like our family members. These farmers consider us as an invaluable counterpart in their business, as we give a fair price for their products and encourage them to become a part of our success. Some of our suppliers have deep connections with our team, ties of lineage and soil over many generations. For us, superior quality and personal integrity is the foundation of our livelihood.

Cupping, cupping, and again cupping.
We never sell any products without having tasted them ourselves! And we also know the importance of using the correct packaging materials to keep the tea ”healthy” and protected against contamination until it arrives at our customer’s doorstep - often thousand of miles and many time zones away from China.

Awards and testimonials.
Our products continue to receive outstanding reviews and feedback from our customers and this is actually the best advertising we could wish for. We believe that superior quality combined with extensive knowledge and customer service is what our customers want, and we would like you to become a part of our success as well. Please read what our customers and other professionals say about our products and customer service.

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