Our Passion for Tea

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Here are some thoughts about tea from our founder and CEO Mr. Daniel Hong:

Tea means a lot to me. During the years my love for tea has grown and grown and I decided to learn everything about it.

The first thing I remember about tea comes from my childhood. When I was a child - about 5 years old - my grandfather always gave me a cup of tea when he had time for it. I didn’t like it and many times it went out as fast as it got in - it was too bitter for me in the taste at that time of my life. My grandfather just smiled and told me how delicious it was.

When I got older I started to think that there must be a tea without a bitter taste. I started working with tea and soon discovered that tea is not bitter – it is all about age and life experience.
Unfortunately my grandfather did not live long enough to hear me admit that his tea was good. I think I can say that I have my love and passion for tea from my grandfather. I owe him a lot on that point and I carry him in my heart and in everything I do in the Hong China Tea company.

I’m sure he would have been proud of me now sharing this wonderful Chinese product with people from around the world. Through our export I show the world  one of the best things from our ancient culture  – the Chinese tea culture filled with history and traditions. It is known for its superior quality  - if handled with the outmost care and attention to all necessary details.

Things will come and go but my love for tea will remain. It has given me so many wonderful experiences and made me so many friends it will continue to be a big part of my life as long as I live. It reduces stress and combined with a good book it is simply wonderful. That is also why we chose our motto to be ”With Passion to Perfection”…

Tea is also a bridge to the nature I love so much. In todays modern society we seldom take the time to watch the stars and we tend to communicate with friends via social media, and sometimes we even lose ourselves in chasing the impossible dream of richness and material boons for everyone.

Life is more than money - it is about family and good friends, good and healthy food and also  about taking good care of our mutual resources here on earth. Without nature we would not have tea.

When you sit down with a good cup of tea the world slows down, you will find rest and peace again - and maybe also happiness. We want to give you this experience with a good cup of superior Chinese tea. Tea made with passion - which again leads to perfection - like in many other aspects of life.