Our Company


Hong China Tea Company Limited was established in 2012. We are located in the city of Xiamen in Fujian province, one of the most important tea hubs in China. As a professional tea export firm we strive to procure for our customers the best Chinese teas on the market and this, combined with a large knowledge of tea and tea production in general, should give you a unique customer experience. Our main markets are North America and Europe but we are always open to serve any market you might have. Just contact us and we will find a solution.

Our founder and CEO Mr. Daniel Hong was born on a tea farm in Fujian province. From childhood on, it was not planned that Mr. Hong should work with tea. After his graduation, he joined the Chinese Postal Service (China Post) but later left to join another company where he worked 6 years as an Export Manager.

Mr. Hong discovered that there is an international market for superior Chinese tea products. He also saw that if this market should develop into a sustainable international business venture, there was a need for a change. First, tea companies need to provide better service provided to their customers, and second, the farmers involved needed better payment for their products – fair trade if you like. With this in mind, Mr. Hong decided to direct his passion for tea into a company: the Hong China Tea Company.

Mr. Hong also decided to bring in a personal friend to assist in the building of a long lasting company strategy and to serve as an advisor on international business issues. Mr. Kenneth Kristensen from Denmark contributes more than 20 years of practical experience in international procurement, sales and international freight forwarding. Mr. Kristensen has no legal responsibilities in the company but serves as an advisor to the company’s CEO and founder.

Besides Mr. Hong and Mr. Kristensen the company consists of:

Mr. Shuangjiang Tang, Tea Master and Buyer. Mr. Tang was born the son of a tea farmer and has been working with tea since his early childhood. His father taught him everything there is to know about tea and he was later sent to tea college for further education. Mr. Tang has invaluable experience from his work in tea plantations with processing and cupping as a specialty. Mr. Tang is responsible for our oolong and black tea products.

Mr. Wanzhu Wang, Oolong Master and Buyer. Mr. Wang is a tea farmer living in the Anxi County. Mr. Wang served as a teacher for Mr. Hong but was earlier working for more than 10 years as a factory manager in a tea company. After his retirement Mr. Wang could not let his passion for tea go and decided to join the company. He is responsible for the purchasing of Anxi oolong tea products and also serves as a training manager within the company.

With these experts in the company we are sure you will feel and taste the difference. We simply say:

- With Passion to Perfection!