Business Ethics

Dew-covered leaves

Tea is our passion. This passion includes the will to take care of Earth's natural resources through planned growth with the environment in mind.

We also value the human resources that contribute to producing our teas. As the farmers are our friends we know the importance of making a decent living from their efforts. The wellbeing of the farmers really matters. Without their participation we would not have any products to sell and we would rather reduce our income than cutting their profit. Fair trade is in the interest of both parties!

We are also very proud of the education programs that we run. They help open the world to the farmers who previously only supplied to the Chinese domestic market. We want them to share their tradition, culture and superior products with the rest of the world. We also teach them the importance of superior quality through sustainable growth. It is the only way to survive in the future.  There is no way to make a supreme product by trying to jump a fence the easy way!

To protect the environment and sustain a healthy relationship with farmers, we are working toward reduced use of pesticides, and in fact, many of teas are already produced organically. Our tea experts work with farmers to teach the best ways to grow the plants with absolute minimal use of environmental friendly pesticides that will protect the plants  but give no harm to other parts of nature. We would also like our children to grow up in a healthy environment, and tea production is possible without large and excessive use of pesticides. It is all about technique and knowledge, and with fair trade there is no need to boost the production volume through excessive and unnecessary use of pesticides. The farmers know in advance that we will pay a good price for the finished product and by that secure them a fair income. 

After hand picking the tea, correct processing and packaging with recyclable materials we are ready to offer you a 100% natural cup of superior high end Chinese tea.